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Camera movement - equipment (4 replies)

simon m
1 week ago
simon m 1 week ago

Hello Roger and forum members. I'm trying to decide on what equipment to use to get the option of a little camera movement for an upcoming documentary we're planning. I very much like the flexibility that Roger's Aero jib provides, but we're going to be traveling light, and I'm afraid a light-weight jib will be too unsteady, and wobble too much for my liking. Another option is a tripod mounted slider. More stable, but it eliminates one axis of movement. It's not a run and gun type of film, so shoulder mount can be used but only rarely. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Roger Deakins
5 days ago
Roger Deakins 5 days ago

I see documentary crews working all the time with small jib arms and with drones as well. I would have thought that the Aerocrane is actually on the large and heavy side to work with on a documentary.

simon m
4 days ago
simon m 4 days ago

Yes, I love the flexibility of a jib, and yes - the Aerocrane would be too heavy, let alone the expense! I'm just concerned that a lighter jib will not give me smooth enough motion. Maybe I could add weight to the camera and counterbalance to give it some extra inertia?

4 days ago
KrishanAgarwal 4 days ago

Have you thought of mounting a gimbal, such as a Freefly Movi or DJI Ronin to a PVC pipe? It was popularized by Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, and it’s been a hot idea ever since. It’s incredibly cheap, it can be used as a standalone gimbal throughout your shoot, and it can be rigged in a wide variety of ways to achieve shots usually exclusive to a jib or dolly

simon m
3 days ago
simon m 3 days ago

Thanks for that Krishan. It's an interesting idea, a bit like a gimbal on a monopod.

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