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Camera Movement (No replies)

1 week ago
Lighurio 1 week ago

Good afternoon, Roger! For me, it has always been interesting to have such minor details in details, like camera movement in one direction or another. Framing a frame with an abutting look in a frame. There are some answers. Such as the movement to the right with the hero symbolizes that the heroes or hero goes somewhere, if the hero goes from right to left, then he returns. The movement of the camera in opposition to the movement of the hero. Movement from top to bottom or bottom to top. I understand that sometimes the movement depends on whether it is necessary to declare the geography in which the hero is located, but still. I would like to know your opinion about the movement of the camera. Is it worth it to deeply detail your thoughts in these movements, or simply relying on the mise en scene and what is happening do the movements so that they are organic, but without implication? Similarly, about framing a person talking to another hero in the scene.


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