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Bradford Young on Solo (2 replies)

12 months ago
gricholopez 12 months ago

If you saw Solo recently you would be watching the cinematography closely. 

Any comments on the natural lighting style and the colour lens filters used. 

He used blue, red and yellow lens filters which blew my mind a bit. Still wasn't sure about the lighting. 


Thoughts from my fellow Cinematography peers.

12 months ago
jthomsg 12 months ago

I personally have not seen Solo or any other film that has been released this year. I find that watching Turner Classic Movies is a much more fulfilling experience. Life is too short to squander your time and money away on films that offer nothing but explosions and taudry plots that aren't even engaging. You can get more heart and soul from a Lassie movie than all these convoluted Disney movies. If you left Solo wondering about what filters the cinematographer used, thats a huge indication that the cinematography did not help the film at all. The best cinematography blends and is virtually unrecognizable. I still believe the actors are the main attraction of a motion picture. If i leave a film excited about a great performance that has moved me, thats when i know the cinematographer has done outstanding work, or jas discipline enough to not detract from what is important to the story. I've removed myself from most mainstream films, I don't find them fulfilling anymore. 

6 months ago
(unknown) 6 months ago

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