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Bowling Ball POV shot - The Big Lebowski (1 reply)

Tom B.
4 years ago
Tom B. 4 years ago

Mr Deakins,

One of my favorite shots from The Big Lebowksi is the one where the camera seems to be inside the finger-hole of a bowling ball and spins forwards.  It's such a unique and dizzying perspective.

How was this rotation achieved and what was used as the "bowling ball"?  I imagine it was a lot of work for the grip department.


Roger Deakins
4 years ago
Roger Deakins 4 years ago

the camera was mounted on a kind of spit, which rotated it as you would meat over an open fire. This was mounted on the side of the dolly and that was it. The hole of the bowling ball is an overlay. We did have an in camera version made for the shot but the effect of something mounted so close to the lens didn't work focus wise for the brothers. 

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