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Barton fink rotating camera move (3 replies)

1 month ago
Vanniyan 1 month ago

Dear master roger why did you rotate the camera for both shots. mosquito bit whilst Barton lying on bed. Second shot when Barton sign on hotel ledger book.
The Byre
2 weeks ago
The Byre 2 weeks ago

Never mind mosquitoes!  I watched the movie for a second time last night and yet again a towel appeared from nowhere.  That's the second time in two days.  I watched the movie two days ago and the towel came from nowhere - then I watched it last night and the same thing happened again!  It's a safe bet, if I watch it again tonight, that damn towel will put itself under that silly girl's bottom!  What was the script supervisor thinking?

How often do I have to watch that movie before the mystery of the towel can be solved?

But talk about a movie made in casting!  Goodman is just undiluted talent - and under-recognised as such.  His performance just fills the screen and makes the movie!

2 weeks ago
Vanniyan 2 weeks ago

Yes! Again i watched "Barton fink" movie. I feel mosquito pov given above shot. But some shot i don't think mosquito pov. Fpr instance Barton call Audrey then he fell sleep, there is a high angle slow pushing going on, suddenly door knocking sound hear then he wake up. I can't figure out this shot purpose. I feel mosquito also one of the character for this movie! Did you really think mosquito pov should be shoot.
Roger Deakins
3 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 3 weeks ago

For the mosquito I think it was obvious why... a mosquito POV, maybe! The leger? Just to create some tension I suspect. What did you feel?

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