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1 year ago
DOP_LOS 1 year ago

Mr. Deakins, 

I recently spent time at the ASC for the Masterclass. 

We worked on material for 4 different set ups at Arri’s creative space in Burbank. I love Arri’s ergonomics and fluidity as I’m sure you do as well and the Sensor is very beautiful and workable. However, the pricing can be a bit difficult for DP’s with less means like myself. Do you have a workaround suggestion in terms of financing. The reason I ask is because of the time we are living in with change outside of the studio system. Do you have any recommendations? Opinions? Thoughts? 

Roger Deakins
1 year ago
Roger Deakins 1 year ago

Sorry, I don't. Some of the rental houses are quite 'flexible' when it comes to lower budget productions.

1 year ago

I find some rental houses work and some others don't, I'm in Michigan in a smaller market. Thank you for your time.

The Byre
1 year ago
The Byre 1 year ago

Firstly, you must ask yourself if you want to rent or buy.  The answer will depend upon the length of time you need the camera.  If you need it for several weeks or even months, the answer will be to buy the thing.  Then you must ask yourself what price you want to pay.

There are options at almost every price-point you can think of.  Right at the bottom, for a filmic look, there are DSLRs starting at about $1k and working up.  Get some EF lenses and off you go!

For a 'real' movie camera, you could try the Eva-1 from Panasonic for about $7k (and they can be rented as well relatively cheaply).  Again, add some EF lenses and you have got a real Super-35 camera.  It has a 6K sensor that is trimmed to 5.7K to prevent aliasing and you can load up your own LUTs or use the ready-made factory LUTs.  If you are buying, add a set of Xeen lenses for about the same again and then all you'll need after that are the usual focus and aperture gearing, rails, hood, monitor, stand and all the other guff you'll need.

Beyond that, the Vari Cam series from Panasonic and the Cannon EOS C300 are both coming down in price and worthy of a tryout.

There are also cameras from Black Magic Design and Red and, though I have not used them, I'm sure they're good.

I would opt for the Eva-1 simply because Panasonic are known to be reliable.



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