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Any tips for filming in the hot desert sun for long hours? Keeping the camera (and the operators) cool? (1 reply)

2 months ago
umbrella 2 months ago

Hi, I'm doing a film in the low desert later this year which will involve a few days with A LOT of shooting. Think 90ºF temperatures. Pretty much non-stop recording for hours.

I've never had to deal with the heat like this and I'm curious if anyone has any tips — or maybe I have nothing to worry about.

Not talking about obvious safety stuff (we have that covered by our very good UPM). Talking mainly about keeping the camera functional and QOL things for the operator.

Would white tape covering the camera be effective in reflecting heat? Is overheating like this a problem nowadays really?

2 months ago
cujo 2 months ago

You have to remember that a camera is a heat source. Critical components of the camera will almost certainly be HOTTER than that outside temperature of 90F. Your problem isn't that the outside is hotter than the camera but that it is hot enough to reduce the temperature differential that provides cooling. So white tape could make things worse by adding insulation and reducing cooling by emission. This is why wearing black can actually be the best thing to do in the type of heat you specify:»

Arguing from basic physics, I'd suggest keeping the camera under the largest parasol or etc you can: you want to cool the air around it down and increase its ability to remove heat. The ideal shade material would be opaque and reflective. Anything that increases air flow to the camera will help too.

From experience working as a bike messenger in higher temperatures again: the camera op should wear black cotton or wicking synthetics and drink rehydration drinks - home made ones are better than bought. (Which are often super acidy.)


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