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Alexa 65 (3 replies and 1 comment)

7 days ago
miteshm 7 days ago

Hello Mr. Deakins,

I had a question about choosing formats I'm considering shooting on the Alexa 65 for my next, but aesthetically I'm trying to reason with my mind as to if, is it worth it? Im a cinematographer from India and we projection max 2K footage. The opening on the lenses is a 2.8 and some are even slower which means I need to light double the amount which increases production cost there as well. Creatively I think I need to enhance the scale of the film its a large scale period drama.

The production cost and eventual output is it worth it as per your opinion? I've been considering pushing for an IMAX release as well but I would really love to get your opinion on these larger formats as oppose to the SXT which could give me a a 3.2K output. which none the less would need a to be scaled down.

Was it alright converting from 3.2K footage to an IMAX release in skyfall? Did your frame for it?

Would be a great help to get your opinion or any additional issues or suggestions that you may have.

Thank you

Mitesh Mirchandani 


Roger Deakins
5 days ago
Roger Deakins 5 days ago

I believe the 'Skyfall' resolution was standard Alexa at 2.8K. For 'Blade Runner 2049' we used Alexa Open Gate, which is around 3.4K. For each film we framed for 2:35 and for IMAX using the height of the sensor rather than extracting the latter from the former, as you would be forced to do shooting anamorphic. I was quite happy with the resolution of both these films in their IMAX versions.

The new Alexa LF has a resolution of over 4K and that looks to be the better option in terms of a balance speed of lenses and resolution.

5 days ago

Thank you for your reply.
One more thing. Have you tested out the Alexa 65? or explored the idea of shooting on it yet?

5 days ago
Kemalettin 5 days ago

Hey Roger, are you going to use Alexa LF in future projects?

Roger Deakins
4 days ago
Roger Deakins 4 days ago

I have tested the Alexa 65 and I think its resolution and image capture in general is pretty incredible. We did consider it for 'BR2049' but both Denis and I felt that the standard Alexa at Open Gate suited us better.

Yes, I do plan to use the LF in the future.

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