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Advice for aspiring Cinematographer (1 reply and 1 comment)

1 month ago
dkinnane14 1 month ago

Hello Mr. Deakins,

Thank you for providing this incredible platform and for sharing your vast knowledge to us all. I and my 7 brothers run a small film company in Rhode Island, and in the last few years, have written/produced a feature-length comedy and short film.

I myself am an aspiring cinematographer and would be very grateful if you'd be willing to offer some advice/critiques on my own cinematography. I've attached some screengrabs of some of my work, I hope you are able to take a quick look.

Thank you again for being an inspiration and for your unparallel contribution to the art of Filmmaking. 

4 weeks ago
Mike 4 weeks ago

Not Roger,

Photos are great and are lit well but unfortunately do not mean much as they are. They all seem to be action shots of a sorts as though that’s all that is required to make a movie, as you know there are other elements involved so it would be nice to see a clip of one of them to see how you frame and light a moving image. 

Nice images but they need to move for forum members to make a judgement. Not actually sure if you need feedback as photos seem to indicate that a production company has already been commissioned and that includes a DP. 

3 weeks ago


Thanks for your response! I can share a link to the teaser for the comedy we shot a few summers ago.

Would love to hear your thoughts!»

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