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A little help here 🙂 (2 replies)

1 year ago
pablobernst 1 year ago

Im an argentina based DIT but starting to do some photography gigs little by little (small tv. Commercials, medium budget short films and so). I’ve reached a point in which in order to improve my photography I need to improve first my handheld camera skills but most of all my scene blocking capabilities. Lighting is not and issue (when I was younger I worked 6 years as electrician) but I found out that sometimes I do wrong camera choices. What would you recommend to work out this problem besides watching and watching (and watching) more movies. 


Thanks in advance 


1 year ago
AustinFarmer 1 year ago

Not Roger, but I'd pick up the camera and start messing around with composition and discover what works and doesn't look good. Photography is a great way to  exercise this and really develop and eye for visuals.  I try to make it a goal to were I could freeze a frame at any time in the video and it could be a photograph on its own. The only real way to get a good sense is to just go out into the world and do it. Good luck on your journey, I hope this is insightful on some kind of way.

The Byre
1 year ago
The Byre 1 year ago

All great cinematography finds its roots in the paintings of the masters.  For example, 'The Road to Perdition' is also an homage to Edward Hopper; the night scenes on the oil fields at night scenes in Jarhead are very reminiscent of paintings by Turner - and every moody dark shot owes everything to the chiaroscuro paintings of artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

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