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35mm Film Camera Rolling Shutter (2 replies)

1 month ago
chromaticcream 1 month ago

Hi everyone! For the longest time I thought that 35mm film cameras had a global shutter but after learning they don't, I had a few questions. The main thing I'm wondering is since film has rolling shutter but it's very minimal, is it closer to global shutter on a digital camera, or say something like 6 milliseconds (like on the Arri Alexa)? Sorry if this is worded poorly, I'd appreciate any help on the subject that I can!

1 month ago
dmullenasc 1 month ago

The rotating shutter that closes and opens over the film acts as a rolling shutter but I don't know the read-out time -- it's better (shorter) than an Alexa though since there are no problems with strobes creating a rolling shutter artifact (half-frame exposures) on a film camera.

M Ryan
4 weeks ago
M Ryan 4 weeks ago

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