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3 "The Village" Questions (1 reply)

8 months ago
BlacksheepPictures 8 months ago

Hi, i just watched the village and i thought "wow, it feels like i am there, it must be a Deakins movie" and i googled it and i was right 😀 so the Questions is:

1. Did you mostly use wide angle lenses like 35 mm?

2. How can i light a night scene like the moon scene with the chair and the night scene in the forest on a budget? i have only 900 $ left to spend so it is impossible i guess?

3. when she asks her father about marriage, why did you frame them like on the left far away? 

excuse my bad english, i am very thanksfull for your forum, caues i learned so much from you and thanks in advance!

Roger Deakins
8 months ago
Roger Deakins 8 months ago

I was shooting wider than a 35mm for most shots, probably a 32mm or 27mm. We were shooting on Super 35, BTW.

Was there a 'moonlit' night exterior? I can't remember that. I do remember doing a lot with flames, and that's not so expensive.A moon on 900$? Might be hard but that would depend on the camera speed, I guess, and the width of the shot.

That particular frame, I can't remember specifically. I sat with M. Night for a few weeks and we storyboarded the entire film together. Come the shoot we stuck quite rigidly to those boards.

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