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1st AC HELP PLEASE (1 reply and 1 comment)

7 days ago
rlandry1 7 days ago

Hello all!

Quick question for everyone in general, though it would certainly be interested to get a Hollywood perspective on this subject.

So, a bit of context before I put forth my question: I will be taking a 1st AC position on a student film thesis project. Though, I minored in filmmaking in college, I was never blessed with the opportunity to tackle the job of a 1st Assistant Camera.

What is some advice you could give me on what my overall role should be. Should I expect anything like measuring focal point distances etc., etc. all that jazz? How should I prepare for this undertaking? Are there any particular tools I should bring with me, like a measuring tape, etc.?

Any advice you guys could give me on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


David M
6 days ago
David M 6 days ago

Yes, you will be pulling focus and many other duties. It’s a very very high skill job and not one you generally just jump into without thoroughly knowing what the job entails.»


3 days ago

Thanks for the confirmation. I've done tons of focus pulling and I believe I've done many of the various jobs of an 1st AC on less "official" projects. This would be my first time doing it in a slightly more official context.

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