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1917- question about No Mans Land scene (2 replies)

AZEM The Great One
4 weeks ago
AZEM The Great One 4 weeks ago

I had a question about the scene where Mackay and Chapman skirt around the edge of the water filled crater. I was wondering how you got that shot without disturbing the water? Did you transfer it to a dolly or use a 4K camera and fix it in post?

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4 weeks ago
gabj3 4 weeks ago

I am probably wrong. As every article is saying something different about this film. It was a techno crane moving the camera over water.

However like I said a lot of false information and I am going off memory.

Roger Deakins
4 weeks ago
Roger Deakins 4 weeks ago

That's funny! Fix it in post? The camera was hand held and then transferred onto a wire system. It was all one shot across the crater and up the other side. And the frame was the frame.

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