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Chinese speaker is here (No replies)

3 months ago
TinTin.Wang 3 months ago

Hello James. My name is Tintin. I'm very interested in this information. I also sent a message in your topic. Please let me have a brief introduction about myself.

I'm a senior graduate student in Beijing Film Academy, Department of Cinematography. Lots of famous Chinese cinematographers and directors also graduated from this department. I've been involving in film industry for 7 years as a cinematographer and also have a one-year international experience in American film school Columbia College Chicago as an exchange student.

I was born and raised in Beijing, I can both speak Mandarin and English fluently. Also, I've been following and Team Deakins Podcast for a long time. For me, It's a great opportunity to work with you.

My email is». Hoping to see your reply soon!

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