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I think Roger made a similar decision. Quit being a 1st AC and looked for DoP jobs. mindscraper – loved your Deakinizer images. Very clever to figure that out. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Best decision in your career?

I asked a jazz musician recently “What has been the best decision you’ve made in your career?”. His answer was short and simple: “Moving to New York City”. I thought it could be interesting to hear some cool stories from you guys, so I’m asking you all the same question:

What’s the best decision you have made in your career?

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I don’t have a career either, and I think all American cities are probably the same. Violent, loud and full of a-holes. So, if you live in one major US city, all other major cities will most likely be the same. I wish I grew up in in a country like Australia, it’s mostly desert, but Queensland and New South Wales has such a diverse landscape, and it’s a country full of interesting cults. Great films could be filmed in Australia, it also has such a rich history. For instance the creation of Melbourne and the gold rush in Victoria that made some of the poorest people rich overnight.

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